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The attorneys of Halloin Law Group, S.C. are committed to consistently providing the highest quality legal services available in four often-interrelated areas of the law: Construction Litigation, Insurance Recovery, Business Litigation, and Real Estate Litigation.

Halloin Law Group, S.C.

2019 Winner for Best Construction Law Firm

Halloin Law Group, S.C. is named as a winner by the Wisconsin Law Journal for Best Construction Law Firm.

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Important Insurance Issues Discussed

Halloin Law Group, S.C., attorney Scott R. Halloin will discuss important insurance issues with the National Business Institute™. The Insurance Claim Delay, Denials, and Underpayment seminar will broadcast on March 27, 2018. Video DVD and course book are avialble through NBI™. Video recording of the seminar will be available by April 10, 2018.

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Industry News

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