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For most individuals and businesses, real estate is their most valuable asset. As Will Rogers is famously reputed to have said, “Put your money in land, because they aren’t making any more of it.”

However, real estate investments can generate real big problems. Complex problems. Costly problems. Fortunately, we can tame that complexity and cost.

With our unique combination of knowledge, skill, and experience, we successfully, time- and cost-effectively handle residential, commercial, and public real estate litigation, including issues involving:

We can help you identify the responsible parties, the viable claims, and the recoverable damages. Let our knowledge, skill, and experience work for you. At Halloin Law Group, S.C., we’ve got you covered. Call us for a free consultation.


Avoiding the Pitfalls of GMP Contracting

Halloin Law Group, S.C., attorney Scott R. Halloin will discuss important insurance issues with the Lorman Education Servics, a national provider of continuing legal education. The Avoiding the Pitfalls of GMP Contracting seminar will broadcast on December 27, 2018, from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm (EST). Video DVD and course book are avialble through Lorman.

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Document Retention Policies and Electronic Filing

Wisconsin Law Journal's What to Know About Document Retention Policies and Electronic Filing Systems, by Kimberly Finnigan, Paralegal 

Halloin Law Group, S.C.

2019 Winner for Best Construction Law Firm

Halloin Law Group, S.C. is named as a winner by the Wisconsin Law Journal for Best Construction Law Firm.

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