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Any number of law firm websites will tell you that fewer than 1% of cases actually go to trial. As such, there are a lot of litigators who actually have very little practical trial experience, and virtually no experience practicing as a part of a larger trial team.

Although it is true that very few cases go to trial, those percentages are heavily impacted by the fact that virtually no personal injury cases go to trial. We tend to handle larger, complicated cases, which often end up being tried precisely because they are large and complicated. As such, we start with the belief that any case we handle may go to trial, and also that the trial will likely last a week or more if it does.

Anyone with substantial trial experience knows that, if a trial lasts more than a few days, one lawyer cannot effectively handle every witness, let alone handle every witness well. Also, judges and jurors like to see variety over the course of a longer trial. For the type of cases we handle, it takes a team of two or three lawyers and one paralegal to effectively present a one week trial, and a team of three or four lawyers, a paralegal and an assistant to present a case that is longer than that.

There are very few true trial teams left in the Midwest. Although the lead lawyer at most firms may have substantial trial experience, often the rest of his or her trial team is cobbled together for a single case, often just months before trial, and then largely based upon availability instead of experience, familiarity or talent.

Halloin Law Group, S.C. is more than a collection of lawyers practicing under one firm name, and that is perhaps our biggest strength. We limit our practice areas to things that we do very well, both individually and as a group. Each team member possesses a number of skill sets—many in common, some unique.

We are one of the few true trial teams that has substantial experience working together as a single group handling similar cases, and we know how each team member thinks and works. Each team member tracks your case from its inception, and is ready to step in, and out, when needed. As a result, when we staff matters, you truly do have an entire team pulling in the same direction.

Seminar - November 19

30 Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating Insurance Claims

Halloin Law Group, S.C., Attorney Scott R. Halloin will discuss how to successfully negotiate insurance claims.  The National Business Institute™ will broadcast this seminar on November 16, 2021.  

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Super Lawyers 2020 Rising Star

Attorneys James J. Irvine and Sheila Shadman Emerson have again been selected by Super Lawyers to the 2020 Wisconsin Rising Stars list. Super Lawyers, part of Thomson Reuters, honors attorneys who exhibit excellence in the practice of law. Every year, attorneys are selected through a multiphase process based on nominations, independent research and peer evaluations. The Rising Stars designation from Super Lawyers represents only 2.5% of all licensed attorneys in the state of Wisconsin.


Legal services are essential services in Wisconsin and Illinois.  While COVID-19 pandemic is affecting almost all aspects of our lives, we are continuing to operate and provide high quality, efficient legal services.  We are here to help you with any legal issues that you may have during this time, including Lien Notices and Claims, Contractor Disputes, Real Estate Issues, Insurance Claims, and Business Disruptions.  Please contact our office at 414-732-2424.