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30 Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating Insurance Claims

Attorney Scott R. Halloin will discuss how to successfully negotiate insurance claims.  The National Business Institute™ will broadcast on December 10, 2019.  Check back for more information.


Litigation Boot Camp for Paralegals

Kimberly M. Finnigan, Paralegal, will discuss the particulars of depositions including scheduling, subpoenas, and summaries.  The Institute of Paralegal Education™ will broadcast the seminar on Ocotober 23, 2019. Click here for more information.


Important Insurance Issues Discussed

Halloin Law Group, S.C., attorney Scott R. Halloin discussed important insurance issues with the National Business Institute™. The Insurance Claim Delay, Denials, and Underpayment seminar was broadcast on March 27, 2018. Video DVD and course book are avialble through NBI™. Video recording of the seminar is available.

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Paralegal Kimberly Finnigan

Document Retention Policies and Electronic Filing

Check out Wisconsin Law Journal's What to Know About Document Retention Policies and Electronic Filing Systems, by Kimberly Finnigan, Paralegal 

Halloin Law Group, S.C.

2019 Winner for Best Construction Law Firm

Halloin Law Group, S.C. is named as a winner by the Wisconsin Law Journal for Best Construction Law Firm.

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